Searching for extraterrestrial life through technosignatures in our skies.

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SOCAL Mission Statement: The mission of UAP Expeditions (an Oregon non-profit) is to provide a free public service field-testing UAP related technologies. Our top notch team of physicists, research scientists and trained observers captures and records broad-spectrum evidentiary data from UAP sightings. Partnering with technology developers and entrepreneurs at no direct cost to them, our team tests new equipment and devices featuring multiple data capturing modalities. We hope to provide unassailable scientific evidence that UAP objects are real, UAP objects are findable and UAP objects are knowable. UAPx will anchor off San Clemente Island during mid-November — the same time the TIC TAC encounters occurred and also when whale migration happens. A small crew of scientists and trained observers will use new UAP technologies to observe any would-be UAP. The USS Nimitz Strike Group encountered numerous UAP in the SOCAL Naval Operating Areas in December 2004. The well-documented incident involved numerous eyewitness accounts from pilots, radar operators and technicians. In total, approximately 100 UAP objects were observed flying in small formations of five to ten objects each. The successive formations of craft were initially detected in the vicinity of Catalina Island and were tracked by the USS Princeton’s SPY-1 radar, then fading from radar coverage in the vicinity of Guadalupe Island. The formations of craft maintained 28,000 feet at a rate of 100 knots. When approached by several F/A-18 Superhornets vectored in from the Nimitz, the objects were observed to behave like “some super capable flock of birds,” acting as though they simply wanted to be left alone as they “migrated” south.

Do the UAP appear with a certain frequency?
Do the UAP appear in conjunction with gray whale migration from Catalina Island to Guadelupe Island?
Can we now observe UAP on our own terms?

The UAPx Team

Meet our team of military Veterans, Physicists, Research Scientists, and trained observers.

Kevin Day


Gary Voorhis

Vice President

Jason Turner

Vice President UAPx Financing & Logistics

Patrick “PJ” Hughes

Director of Information Technology

Dave Altman

VP – Media & Research Consultant

Michael W. Hall, JD

VP -Legal Affairs

Dr. Kevin Knuth 

VP – Science & Technology (Quantum Physics)

Christopher Altman

VP – Science & Technology (Space) & Director of Special Projects

Christy Green, MS

VP – Physical Security

Bruce Maccabee

Science & Technology Consultant
(Optical Physics),

Matthew M. Szydagis, Ph.D.

Science & Technology Consultant
(Dark Matter & Radiation Detection)  

David Mason

Science & Technology Consultant
(Inventor & UAP Research)

Preston Dennett

Science & Technology Consultant
(Inventor & USO Research)

Dale Triplett

Staff Writer/Editorial Consultant

Rich Hoffman


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