Archive Initiative

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I would like to announce that within the next couple of months UAPx is going to launch the UAPx Archive Initiative. What we are doing is looking to our community to come together with a common goal. I see a lot of potential out there on Social Media and I don’t just want the true ufo/alien believers—I want everyone—and I want us to all come together, work together, and challenge each other to seek to all get on the same page. As other groups have done, we will also archive our work for anyone to use in future research. We are also looking to use this as an open platform to research potential future expeditions for us to investigate. To start off it will be a closed group by invite-only, but as I get it organized and it develops further, I will open it to all. With that being said, I hope this grows into an Information Foundation as no one has ever seen! I look forward to working with all of you!

The goal of this program is to bring our community together for the true advancement of science, knowledge, and spiritual enlightenment of mankind. I feel these things can coexist when we put our egos aside and work together.
It will consist of research projects in any area you want, no matter how fringe. It is, however, not free-range. If you choose to be a part of our project you will be reviewed by others in the project and have to validate your work. Theories and theology are fine but in this project, but you will be working towards proving your beliefs. In the case of the intangible, we will document it as such for further analysis. I understand some things we will never prove, but I believe there are many things we can. Let’s build the greatest collaboration of knowledge anyone has ever seen!