David Mason

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David Mason is co-owner and co-founder of Bell Electronics NW, Inc. Bell Electronics performs electronic testing lab services, electronic engineering, electronic troubleshooting, failure analysis, electronic designs and modifications under government contracts, NIST calibration lab covering DC to 50 GHz, and electronic test equipment refurbishment and sales. Over the past 25 years David has received advanced electronic engineering training and experience covering oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer designs, DSP, RF technology,YIG, YTO, and TWT technology, thermal imaging camera design, as well design experience of engineering unique electronic devices under various contracts with government agencies.

David volunteers at Bellevue College providing technical maintenance, calibration, and operation of the astronomical observatory, as well as providing technical advice and astronomy support with students. He is a member of the Seattle Astronomical Society and Eastside Astronomical society, providing public outreach education in astronomy.

   David has invented and engineered several electronic devices that are used in UAP research. One device is a binocular that converts modulated light into sound or an analog signal. The binoculars offer the ability to listen to a modulated light source or reflected light on an aircraft as well as listening to modulated light from stars in the night sky. The binoculars also include a defocused laser that is modulated by the modulated light that the binoculars receive. In other words if an object in the sky is detected and it is emitting a form of unknown modulated light the binoculars can relay that modulated light back to the original source.This could result in a light wave communication “handshake” with an unknown aerial object if such an event occurs. David has other UAP detection/communication devices that have been designed and prototyped as well as new devices that are under development which will be utilized by the expedition team.