Searching for unidentified aerial phenomena through technosignatures in our skies.

Welcome to UAPx

The mission of UAP Expeditions (an Oregon non-profit) is to provide a free public service field-testing UAP related technologies. Our top notch team of physicists, research scientists and trained observers captures and records broad-spectrum evidentiary data from UAP sightings. Partnering with technology developers and entrepreneurs at no direct cost to them, our team tests new equipment and devices featuring multiple data capturing modalities. We hope to provide unassailable scientific evidence that UAP objects are real, UAP objects are findable and UAP objects are knowable.

The UAPx Team

Meet our team of military Veterans, Physicists, Research Scientists, and trained observers.

Kevin Day


Gary Voorhis

Co-Founder & President

Jason Turner

consultant (volunteer)

Michael W. Hall, JD

Legal Affairs

Dr. Kevin Knuth 

Science & Technology (Quantum Physics)

Christopher Altman

Science & Technology (Space) & Director of Special Projects

Matthew M. Szydagis, Ph.D.

Science & Technology Consultant
(Dark Matter & Radiation Detection)  

David Mason

Science & Technology Consultant
(Inventor & UAP Research)

Jeremy McGowan

Field investigator/Senior Technical Writer

Our Partners