UAP Research

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Why donate? Have you ever seen something in the sky? Do you know for sure it was not normal? Have you ever thought someone should investigate these things? Well then you are not alone there are thousands of people just like you.

Kevin Day and Gary Voorhis the cofounders of UAPx are among those who witnessed and wondered. They were forever changed by the events of the 2004 Nimitz Encounter. So we started UAPx to find the answers to all of our questions about this strange and elusive phenomenon.

Kevin and Gary along with the rest of our top-notch team of scientists, veterans, and qualified personnel will conduct ongoing boots-on-the-ground investigations. Using the Data collected on these investigations so that we can reach an understanding of How to track, study, and understand the what, who and why of these UAP. As a result of your support, we can continue our work. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. without you, this could not happen.